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Rely on these excellent garage door tips in order to gain some new knowledge and helpful information

Protect your fingers from pinching when providing maintenance

You must not stick your fingers between the door panels. It hurts quite a lot when you get your fingers pinched. Our experts in Port St. Lucie recommend that you move the door manually for inspection and testing only with the use of the handles. Holding it from the bottom is also an option.

Replace the bottom seal when it gets thin

This is true for the rest of the weather stripping as well. You have to ensure proper door protection at all times. You will easily notice when the strips have got greatly worn-out. In such cases, you will see light coming through the sides of the door during the day when the lights inside the garage are turned off.

Replace rollers when replacing hinges

When hinges are being replaced, our garage door repair professionals say it is not a bad call to also replace the garage door rollers since they usually wear out faster than the hinges. Unless the rollers are really new, replacing them when replacing the hinges is a logical step. They are cheap garage door repair parts anyway.

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