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Allister Garage Door Opener

Allister Garage Door Opener

The Allister garage door opener and its other components which make up the whole door have safety features that allow homeowners to use the door safely and effectively.

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Allister Garage Door OpenerThere is a time-delay light on each door opener where the light of the opener remains open for four and a half minutes after the garage door has been closed or opened to give enough time for the driver to come in and out of the well-lit garage safely.

A sensing system provides safety to any obstruction to the door. A laser beam light determines if there is any obstruction on the operation of the door. When an object, a person or an animal crosses the laser beam, the door automatically stops its operation until such time the obstruction is removed.

The Snow Switch is a mechanism that overrules the sensing system when the door is on its last inch off the ground before it closes. Since, snow can cross the beam and obstruct the door, turning on the switch will allow the door to close even if the laser beam is crossed.

There is also an emergency release one can apply in case the power is out. It reverses to manual operation when the emergency release is activated. The automatic reconnection feature will reverse the action from manual to electricity-powered operation.

These features allow homeowners to operate their Allister garage door with ease, convenience, and safety. Garage doors are one of the heaviest moving parts of a house, and safety is of paramount concern.


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