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Making Your Garage Door Springs Last Longer

Making Your Garage Door Springs Last Longer
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The springs are an integral part of any garage door system since they take the bulk of the weight and tension involved in the door’s operation. They are often overlooked, however, since they are not exactly the most noticeable part, tucked away to the sides or the top of the door. But just because they operate seamlessly, does not mean they don’t need attention from time to time. Taking proper care of your springs will keep them lasting longer, operating efficiently and safely, and is an absolute necessity for any opener maintenance.

Keep an eye on their condition

Making Your Garage Door Springs Last LongerSprings are exceptionally sturdy and powerful components in opener systems, but that doesn’t mean they are invulnerable to time’s decay wrought by their constant tension and the ravages of the weather. If you want to keep a close eye on them, then look out for any cracks, rust or corrosion that they may be suffering. Once any of these defects start to show, the time is close at hand that you will need to replace them. But to avoid untimely spring replacement, it is worth your while to keep them adequately lubricated and balanced, which will lessen the strain they take, and therefor make them last longer.

Check that they are balanced

Two springs working in unison ensures that they share the balance of tension equally, which means that each spring helps the other to its job while suffering as little wear and tear as possible. But if they are not adequately balanced, then one will end up doing more work than it should as it compensates for the other. To test the balance of your springs, operate it manually and you will soon be able to tell if it is opening smoothly or not, and whether or not there is more tension on one side than the other. If you find the balance is out, then you should quickly call for professional spring adjustment before the problem worsens and destroys your springs.

Perform routine maintenance

Even if everything seems to be working just fine, if your garage door hasn’t undergone any maintenance in a long time, you could be enabling the growth of latent defects, and being such a stressed part of the system the springs are likely to suffer the most from this. Opting for routine maintenance will aid in the lifespan of all parts of your door, but it also essential for the continued health of the springs themselves.

Opt for the sturdier choice

When getting your opener installed, try and go for torsion springs over extension springs if you can. While they are both marvelous components, the structural integrity of the torsion design is far superior to its extension counterpart. They are generally more expensive than the extension design, but you will get years of more life from them, and a sturdier and more reliable action too.

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